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re: Hey Nick! Awesome talk; I actually wanted to ask you what inspired you to make the transition from acting/directing to tech? I'm someone who's in b...

Great question Nic. I have a strong arts background and even went to a performing arts high school--it's where I got a lot of foundational leadership skills and of course plenty of practice in public speaking. Lesser known though was that I did some small time video game programming but never could fathom understanding computer science formally, so I avoided it for the greater part of my upbringing. I discovered freeCodeCamp after graduating college and helped form meetups in New York City. It eventually inspired me to complete a Coding Bootcamp and break into the industry. My theatre skills have helped me tremendously with leadership and team morale, which anyone would agree are important parts to the software collaboration process!


Wow, that's awesome Nick. I can relate, that theater has helped with both team morale and leadership. Thanks for sharing (: I'll have to also start learning Docker 😅👏🏿

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