Notes on Nativescript: my first steps into mobile development

Nick W on April 19, 2017

Introduction Background I started listening to Programming Throwdown a few years back, when I first started making the tran... [Read Full]
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I started "doing mobile" this month too :D

NativeScript sounds interesting, it's nice that they have a XML approach, but I found the React-Native approach nicer, because they re-implemented much of the things I'm used to from the Web.

Also, I have to admit, Telerik feels a bit like the standard dev tools company from back in the days, like Sencha or Atlassian and I didn't really get on with such. Somehow the whole "Facebook does it's big services and releases cool dev tools as OSS" is more my thing.


Cool article, welcome to NativeScript! We'd love to help you on our forums and the 3000 peeps on our Community Slack channel are there for you too! :)


Thanks! Yes, I didn't mention that, but the slack folks are great, a very active community!


Nice article. Made me want to have a look at Nativescript :)

P.S.: the link to Kamil's post is broken (lacks a final "t").


Thanks, got that sorted! Go for it, I hope you find it nice to work with, the learning curve isn't terrible!

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