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I would argue the following. Your headline is an eyecatcher, but really much todo about nothing. Because you are right. We, as a software development industry have not provided anything of any real tangible value since 1985 by my estimate. Everything that appears amazing shiny and new is really just a hash collision with something that already existed years ago. This includes the idea of containers. Docker... Fortunately the hardware has caught up with these things to make them real and valuable.

Unfortunately every step forward we think we take now. Is really conflating progress with stagnation, but I fully support the attempt and the ideas from everyone. Good and bad. This has been the case for many years, much to the chagrin of new developers coming into the industry.

I fully suspect the stagnation will continue until we, as an industry, realize that we have two options. Embrace the insane intelligence that came from those in the early years of computing and build on those ideas, or simply reinvent the wheel with more new and aging things which are only a facade guised as progress.

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