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I run my site (200+ published posts, lots of additional pages, etc.) with Jekyll and I've occasionally looked for alternatives but I haven't found anything that works as well as Jekyll for what I want in a static site generator.

To me the "best" would be:

  • It's really fast in development. In Jekyll's case, even through WSL and 200+ posts with using Jekyll-Assets, I can see my changes locally in 1.5 seconds on save.
  • It lets me use SCSS without much set up. In Jekyll's case, that's standard.
  • It md5 tags all of my assets so I can cache all assets at the web server level. Jekyll-Assets takes care of that without having to do anything special.
  • It lets me create custom tags and filters. I have a bunch and Jekyll makes it super easy to do this since it's just Ruby (I have Ruby experience).
  • It lets me structure my site in a sane way using template layouts and includes, etc.. Jekyll supports all of that, so it's easy to make modular pages.
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