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re: This is a very insightful article. I, too, have been a victim of premature optimization. Programmers have been "raised" to think that everything mu...

Yeah, it's very non-intuitive too, because reusability, performance and maintainability are fantastic things to have.

The non-intuitive part is you only get there by making progress and uncovering the problems that lead to non-generic, slow and unmaintainable code but at the same time, some of those problems aren't even problems that need to be solved.

For example, I'm totally cool investing my time and energy into making a unique user system for a long running project I'm working on. It's not like I'm sitting there creating 15 new applications a day that each require a generic user registration system based off that single unique project.


Exactly. It's just so strange how the supposed "good things" to strive for are the exact same things that may inhibit progress.

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