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That's the whole point to locally test whether the website is working as expected, before changing the global DNS variables.

/etc/hosts is only used to resolve host names locally on your machine before it contacts your DNS server so editing your /etc/hosts file doesn't really help test anything in the context of seeing if your public DNS records are updated.

That's why you can add something like to your /etc/hosts and now resolves to a loopback address instead of the real page (for your machine only). It's because your configured DNS servers haven't even been contacted yet to resolve that hostname.

That's the whole point, to check locally, from my computer, that the migrated site is working as expected (for example, the database config is correct and works, rewrite rules work, chmod/chown permissions are set correctly etc.) — so by locally editing the DNS zone to the new one (that will later on be set on the real DNS records), I can check such things beforehand.

Those are all worthy tests but they don't have anything to do with changing your domain registrar or nameservers. Your domain name will still be the same after you transfer it. The only differences are a different company now handles registering your domain, and potentially hosting your DNS records too.

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