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Discussion on: What programming language should I learn next?

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Nicholas Fazzolari • Edited on

Consider learning C# and .NET platform development. Once you get the fundamentals of C# and .NET you can extend your skill set into web development with C# and .NET by learning ASP.NET. Beyond that if you feel like it's a development platform you find value in you can enter into a more specific track and add Kendo UI to your stack. Kendo has bindings for JQuery, React, Vue, and Angular, which really diversify the platform.

If you're learning for a potential employment path you need to conduct some research and see how many C# .NET jobs are available in your immediate area. Or if you're willing to relocate or work remote.

My rationale to learning the C# and .NET stack is derived from two main points:

  1. C# and .NET are the native Windows development platform and Windows isn't going anywhere any time soon. There will be demand over time.

  2. With the introduction of .NET Core x.x you can now target Linux/Unix systems and develop cross-platform.

I've seen some people mention that learning C# and .NET is too limited in scope. I think the issue with that argument is that the scope of what you can do with C# and .NET is broad enough that the limiting effect is void.