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Hello everyone, my name is Nick, a web developer based in Calgary, AB Canada currently enrolled in a WordPress developer position.

I mainly joined dev.to for the community interaction, seeing how the market of developers talk about current trends, ideas how certain tasks could be done more efficiently and organically grow my presence online (Nick Hiebert Web Developer YYC).

Going through two post-secondary schools that taught me about multimedia and developing websites. Learning the basics image-editing and producing creative files with Photoshop, working with databases (SQL, MySQL, PHPMyAdmin), learned how to write and understand basic universal PHP back-end development, design fundamentals, writing HTML/CSS from scratch in Notepad as early as September 2006.

Through work experience, to date, I've learned: how websites work on servers, DNS Management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), local SEO, website migration, speed optimizations (breaking down potential opportunities and utilizing tools), troubleshooting problems, detail-oriented, responsive design with Bootstrap, using Sass/SCSS for styling, and etc.

Mine intent on here is to use dev.to as another outlet for cross-posting content and (also will be starting on Medium.com, my own website) document my journey as I become a smarter and more diverse developer.

See you on my posts and comments!

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