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Nick Bull
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Hidden Door I'd Use To Get A Software Engineer Job At Apple

Most engineers don't realize that there is always a hidden door to enter any company if traditional ways, such as sending a resume, don't work for you.

No one talks about these doors because it's hard to find them and they look unique to everyone. But I'll disclose today, how one type of hidden doors might look like.

To get an interview at Apple I'd use such door.

Step 1

I'd go to eBay and buy Macintosh System Boot Disk 6.X.X for $11.99.


Step 2

I'd buy a high-quality paper and pen and write this letter to Tim Cook:

“Hi, Tim.

I've been following Apple for quite some time and have watched all of your new product launches, with the rest of the world, since 2009.

My name is Nick, I’m a software engineer with 6+ years of experience in the tech field. For 4 of these 6 years, your products have been helping me grow as a person and as a developer. Now, I want this "growth" to help you grow as well.

With this letter, you can find a Macintosh System Boot Disk 6.0.8 which I bought on eBay for $11.99.

No, it's not a mistake. I actually bought this disk with "System Tools Version 6.0.8" on it on purpose.

Before writing this letter, I researched early Apple operating systems, and System 6, which was introduced in April 1988, has one flaw that your next system "System 7" does not.

System 6 has a limit on volume size. It supports up to 2 GB. But System 7 increases the limit to 4 GB. In other words, System 7 got louder.
*That's how I want to help Apple. I want to make it "louder." Increase its "volume" in every possible sense: sales volume, brand volume, quality volume, and other volumes to make it that System 7 (using my experience and knowledge as a software engineer)

*It's hard to say whether I'll be able to achieve a 2x increase in "volume" as you did in System 7, but at least I'll do my best to move us from System 6 to 7.

Let's talk and increase Apple's volume:

All the best, Nick.”

Step 3

I'd buy an envelope, put in it my letter and Macintosh System Boot Disk and send it to Tim Cook at "One Apple Park Way Cupertino, CA 95014"


The next step will be taken by Apple.

For someone, it'll be hard to believe that it could work, but this is how my friend land a job at one FAANG tier company.

To make it easier to realize that hidden door exists, put yourself in Tim Cook's shoes (or his assistant, who is likely to check this letter) would you be interested to give a chance to a developer with such a creative approach, relevant experience, and passion that he or she shows from the start? Probably yes, if you know how hard it is to find such talent.

Opportunities are endless if you know that hidden doors exist. Try to find them, use your creativity.



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iamksam profile image

I love stories like these. I was hired solely based on HR was not able to remove a QR code I had on my resume that brought you to my digital resume. It got a laugh and they said they just "had" to meet me, but it got me in the door.
Stay innovative! Nurture creativity

nickbulljs profile image
Nick Bull

Exactly! "Stay innovative! Nurture creativity"

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Maxi Contieri ⭐⭐⭐

Nice hack!

did it work ?