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Discussion on: query a mongoDB database with prisma and railway

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Noah Hein

Is this your first bit of no-sql db work?

I've yet to touch mongo or any other noSQL stuff.

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ajcwebdev Author

Technically Fauna is a NoSQL database so I have a decent amount of experience with that but Mongo is totally different from Fauna despite them both being NoSQL databases. The term NoSQL was more of a marketing gimmick for a handful of non-relational databases in the early 2010s than a proper category of database.

A better way to categorize databases is comparing the data model not the query language. Is it relational, document, graph, time series, etc. NoSQL just means it's not using SQL (structured query language), so every NoSQL database has it's own query language that may be completely unique to itself.

I've been slowly getting into Mongo specifically because Prisma has been adding support. We want Redwood users to be able to use Mongo if they want and still have a first class experience.

I've got two other things I've documented:

  • Can I Use MongoDB with Prisma Yet? - An article that is very, very similar to this one except with Mongo Atlas instead of Railway for hosting the database
  • redwood-mongo - A Redwood repo that's using Mongo that I may expand out into a blog post at some point