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Discussion on: How (Not) to Learn

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Thank you for the great comment @gadse ! I think you're right, fear is the great enemy of learning. Especially with math, the jargon and symbols can be intimidating, and if the idea that it's too hard becomes firmly implanted in a person's mind, then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Along these lines, I saw this video several years ago that I think is great to inspire everyone that math is just another skill that we can all improve. It applies just as well to any other skill we might be intimidated by:

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Thank you for the video! It instantly reminded me of those guys in my 1st semester who already knew all the programming stuff because they started programming in 9th grade. Of course I was foolish enough to compare myself to them, and I'm so happy I stuck with my CS studies despite feeling as if I should have already known all the details.