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Discussion on: I'm learning to Ruby, I need your input.

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I am in a similar situation as you. I do a lot of server deployment automation and have to start switching BASH, Power Shell, & JavaScript scripts to Ruby/Chef.

I started with I have also purchased 'Learn to Code with Ruby' & 'Comprehensive Ruby Programming' from Packt Publishing. They tend to have a lot of sales, so just wait for the items to go on sale to save a few bucks.

I use Atom as my primary editor. For some reason Solargraph works better with Atom than VSCode. If you are using Solargraph with Atom, make sure you read the documentation for VSCode. There are a few gems listed in the VSCode docs (but not in the Atom docs) that make it work much better.

Also check out & for online practice.

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Karl Fischer Author

Thanks for this :)

I've also been hearing a great deal about