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Nim is that language for me. It has very flexible syntax that lets me write code the way I like. Some people hate conditional expressions, but to me, the statement work around is so much noisier and harder to read. Ditto for implicit returns. If a procedure is a single expression, I think an implicit return on that expression makes the procedure easier to read. It has FP and OOP functionality, but it isn't militant about either (pretty similar to JavaScript in that regard). Its approachable as a language, and none of its semantics have been particularly difficult to understand.

But what really makes Nim a language that fits me as a coder is its fit as a "hacking" language. My other language love is Clojure, which is a fantastic "software engineering" language. Its great for a large, shared, enterprise grade project. The JVM is rock solid, it has the libraries, and Clojure is fantastic on top of all of that. But if I want to sit down and hack, its just not my first choice. I don't want to be concerned with JVM classpaths, jars, Closure compiler (for JS target), AOT compilation, and all of that. I can open a .nim file, throw down some lines, and compile a static binary with no fuss. I've currently got a couple side projects in Nim, and I've only run into issues with the language a couple times.

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