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Discussion on: A very simple scriptable Elixir server with tests

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Mykolas Mankevicius

Nodejs is not very industry pervasive... Php is 70% of the internet. You might think nodejs is pervasive because the majority of loud people use. But they realy make up a very small minority of the internet. What you see is not all there is. And coming here on a Elixir post and telling a person to mention something is such a childish move.

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Ethan Standel

I ended up on this thread because of a Google News link to a previous title or a generated title that just said something along the lines of "A simple scriptable server." When I saw it was Elixir, I just felt like "oh that just doesn't seem like the simplest way to define a server in a single code file." It also references missing older technologies in Ruby so it appeared that the topic of other languages were on the table.

Also, I think the more relevant numbers are what percentage of jobs are using what at the moment. Or you can look at the Github developer survey where JavaScript has been the most popular language since 2014. Even if that's not all Node, it's still a nod to the accessibility of that language to developers. So on the topic of simplicity, I felt it was relevant.

Also I think that "70% of the internet is PHP" myth is partially out of date and partially driven up by CMS services which use it in the backend like WordPress.

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Marcio Lopes de Faria Author

Yes, it's really interesting to discuss the missing points of our day to day tools and it's why I brough Ruby, a technology that I'm very familiar and linked it with Elixir because just happened to be my current history of transitioning from Ruby to Elixir, a path walked by a lot of people, so I think that the subject reasonates better to people with this background. Despite that, Elixir is niche in the industry and even Ruby is kind of niche, even after so many years with big companies using it, when compared to PHP, and also NodeJS.