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Discussion on: How do YOU deal with imposter syndrome?

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From a personal perspective: When I wrote my first article here and before press ENTER I said: I'm a student. I won't say anything these people already don't know and left my article.

But then I have five seconds of courage and click on the SUBMIT button. In my head, I wasn't sure to do the right thing but the article itself taught me two things: one, at the moment of sharing my experience, lots of comments and people in social network left their opinions and experiences about the topic itself. In the end, I was the one who learned more because of several experiences not only in the topic but how to write also. A user approached and gave me lots of tips about how to be more attractive when publishing something.

How I deal always

I know sometimes I don't even trust in my own words but I always have this courage for 5 seconds and take advantages of doing what I have to do. Also, I recognized I will make mistakes so, why hide my human side of errors? From my experience, I learn more sharing my ideas than hiding it.