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...everyone is going for the latest and greatest...

I have never understood how people have correlated "new" and "greatest." Something being new means it has to be evaluated on its merits as to how well it solves a problem you have, no simply because that's the trending technology.

Is it only me who settled...

For web development, I use React because IMO it's still a best-in-class web view layer for SPAs. It's not because I've settled, but because - for now - it's the best tool to solve the problems I tend to run into when I write SPAs. When someone better comes along, I'll abandon React and move onto whatever that is, as I've done about a dozen times before since 1997. As a case in point, jQuery was best-in-class for a long time, but ultimately better tools for SPAs were invented and jQuery (at least, for me) became a secondary tool for niche needs.

...doesn't really feel the need for much else?

There's a lot more than needs to be mastered beyond React. With a solid understanding of React as a view layer, there are now other layers that have to be mastered on the client, which is a problem I've seen the vast majority of React developers struggle with. To say it another way, to develop a level of expertise around developing SPAs, React is not even 5% of what you need to get good at.


That's really what I thought honestly. It's that I don't need "another thing entirely" right now, there's already plenty of cool things.

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