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I am not going to lie in order to get a job.

I sailed on my college's sailing team. One day while we were out on the water, our coach told us, "It is illegal to rock your boat off of the starting line, and I'm going to show you how to do it and not get caught." We were all horrified and asked why he could teach us to cheat, and he said, "Everyone else does it, and if you don't do it you won't have any chance at winning."

"Lie" is a poor choice of word. A better phrasing would be, "embellish the truth to present yourself in the best possible light." I've been doing this profession for over 2 decades now, and I no longer have to embellish the truth to get a job as I have verifiable accomplishments. Back when I was starting out, however, I followed the advice, "You have to fake it before you make it."


I am sorry I cannot risk that and I think your coach gave you terrible advice.


His coaching reflected the world as it is, not as he wished it was. You are entitled to make your own decisions, however, so you should do what you think is best.

I lied before and that isn't something that people can easily forgive you for. It follows you everywhere. If you got away with it then I am sure somebody of your background can lie and get away with it. I am not going to be a liar in order to get ahead. I don't care if it is a white lie, people get crazy over that kind of thing. I hope none of your lies are revealed.

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