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re: I'd say my answer is that no project is static and you can think of the existing project as similar in this time and place, but you could eventuall...

That can be a tough road, as parity is usually a moving target. It can be done, but the faster they move, the harder it is to catch them.


That can be a tough road, as parity is usually a moving target

Yeah, it's more to give you an idea of where to start because innovation is kind of even a faster moving target.

Here's a pretty tangible example: I started by implementing a lot of Medium's features when first building DEV, gradually finding my own ways to do things differently and now we have a whole bunch of super awesome unique things but I didn't try to differentiate in any super meaningful way off the bat except a few basic things I thought were sort of table stakes (like syntax highlighting).

I'd repeat this pattern in the future. If you have an entirely novel idea, that's great, but if you want to create a useful tool in a known market, you don't need to do entirely new things. You can pick and choose from some cool existing ideas. As long as you understand why you're considering doing that and not cargo-culting off of existing implementations, borrowing the good stuff is a great path.

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