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Pirrigator, part 6: In for a penny...

Neil Gall on May 12, 2019

In my last post I outlined how all the data gets gathered, stored and served over a JSON API. I turned to look at making a front end for viewing th... [Read Full]
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Hey Neil, this series is seriously amazing! I just started my own garden, though it's not nearly as ambitious as yours... no tech involved. 😝

Anyway, got a quick tip for ya! I noticed that you have several other posts in this series.

You could edit all of these posts to include "series: whatever name you'd like for your series" in the front matter of each one. This'll connect your posts with a cool little dot scroll option at the top of each post that lets the reader easily flip between posts in the series.

I've no idea what this option is actually called, so we're going with "dot scroll" ... but anyway, it looks like this:

my series

... in my posts here & here. Okay wow... totally feeling the guilt for abandoning this series, haha. 😔

Anyway, it's not a must-do by any means, just a nice-to-have in case you wanna! Again, really digging this series!!


Oh thanks Michael, that's a great idea. Will try to link them all up.

Been collecting data from my moisture sensors and scratching my head over how to use it to decide when to add water. Also read up on the traditional advice for growing tomatoes - ha ha! Details in the next post I hope.


Awesome! I'll stay tuned. I need some 'mater advice.

For what it's worth, my neighbor came by yesterday and told me to put coffee grounds and broken eggshells atop the soil of my tomatoes (they're in a raised bed along with a bunch of other veggies). I've not actually researched this yet, but I did go outta my way to boil some eggs and made a pot of coffee this morning. And now my tomatoes have some garbage for company, haha! 😀

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