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Product recommendation engine

Personalized product recommendation engine’s product recommendation engine tracks website shoppers' behaviour based on their user behaviour. We tracked their historical and live data and based on that we provide product recommendations to them. Every shopper should delight in getting an individualized shopper experience. personalized recommendations that convert 120% better.

Drive growth with personalized product recommendations. Make every customer feel special with 1:1 curated & personalized recommendations that convert 120% better.A personalized experience at every touchpoint. Delight every shopper with truly individualized shopper experiences and grow your revenue.
Style Profiles
Build unique Style Profiles for each shopper based on their likes, affinities, and visual preferences.
Dynamic Personalization
Gauge shopper intent in real time with every click they make, to power relevant product discovery.
Recommendation Strategies
Deploy a variety of product recommendation engine strategies to improve shopper engagement and conversion.
AI-Powered Search and Sorting
Leverage the power of Image Recognition to serve individualized search results to every shopper.

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