ShareMyOffer-Twilio Hackathon

neerajagoli profile image NeerajaGoli ・1 min read


What we built

ShareMyOffer is a web application that allows users to post offers that they come across and connect with others to grab the offer by sharing the discount.

Category Submission:

Exciting X-Factors

Link to code

Git Repository

How it works

  • Provision to post the offers.
  • Simple search for the list of offers based on location.
  • Provision to shop in groups and avail exciting offers.


  • Share offers with others through posts.
  • Connect with people around and shop with them.
  • Simple UI to view list of available offers.


  • Back-End : Spring boot
  • Front-End : Thymeleaf, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Database : MySQL
  • Notifications : Twilio SMS API

Future Enhancements

  • Implement chat feature to connect with other users


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