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A Web UI client for Git

neel1996 profile image Neel ・1 min read

Oh yeah, we have Fork, github desktop, git kraken and all other mighty fishes in the ocean. Among which, I present to my tiny project crafted using react coupled with node js.

Gitconvex (I can't come up with a cool name), is a web based UI client for managing your local git repos. All it needs is Node JS and git to be installed on the host machine.


As it is a web based tool, it does not require you to look and install the supported package for your system or anything. The whole bundle is available as an npm package, so you can install it as a global module and start playing with your repos in a flick.

Download options

Use any of the below links to get gitconvex for your system

gitconvex npm package

github release

docker image

Check out the github repo for more details.

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Would you mind to host the app in a VPS or at your home( on IPv6 or .onion)?
How hard it would be to make a front-end-only version, with limited search function and whatnot?
Then you could use GH pages or other static site hosting.