The Comprehensive Analysis of On-Demand Delivery App Development Cost

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At an unprecedented pace, the on-demanddelivery apps have become a lifeline of people as they solve real-worldproblems in a couple of clicks. When hunger pangs, you want a taxi atdoorstep, salonprofessional at home, or looking forthe doctor on-demand, everything has inched closer to us with on-demandapps.

However, when the name of on-demand appscomes up, only one brand- Uber, that’s pops-up in the user’s mind at first. Well,it won’t go without saying that Uber has invented this on-demand model, whichwas later replicated and reinvented by various businesses in distinct ways. That’swhy on-demand apps are sometimes referred to as Uber for X, where X can be anyservice delivered to the customers where they want and when they want.

You might be thinking about what are the magical ingredients added to the on-demand model that has beefed up the growth. Its speedy deliveries, lower prices than traditional vendors, frictionless payment, the mobile-first user experience, transparency, the independent contractors getting the job, and an actionable rating system that has cooked the recipe of iconic success.

Despite adding all the ingredients, all thebusinesses following the on-demand model won’t cherish the success equally andeven failed desperately. The market analysis of failed companies like- Shyp,UberRush, or Doorman has shown that they have not done SWOT analysis aptly and performedover smartly, due to which they are trapped in their business idea. Don’t fret!

The market analysis is not to intimidateyou, but to showcase the bigger picture before directly jumping on to on-demandmobile appdevelopment bandwagon. Instead, on-demand appdevelopment is a sumptuous treat that brings high returns in the long runand you are just a step away from the dedicated on-demand delivery app.

Intrigued by the on-demand business model?Have a unique business idea that matches the user’s emerging demand? Congratulations!Soon, your business will land on the growth trajectory and you can makebundles. But, apart from the lucrative benefits, the first thought that came toevery start-up, layman, or new entrant is- how much does it cost to build an X on-demand delivery app.

It depends on the type of on-demand android mobile app you want to develop, the features you want to include, and the technology stack you choose. Let’s take a round of the deeper analysis.

Typesof on-demand business model

  • On-demand food deliveryapp

Food delivery in acouple of taps has become a part and parcel of our lives where UberEats,DoorDash, Instacart-like leading brands need no introduction. They areproviding groceries and meals from the preferred restaurants from the comfortof the couch, which are never experienced before. The recent corona outbreakhas shown a noticeable surge in the food delivery appdownloads and the revenue, which is gearing up the offline food businesses tojoin the race. It costs around $10,000 with customization facility.

  • On-demand taxi app

The uber-like taxi apps havemodernized traditional taxi business operations and booking system atbreak-necking speed. With mobile taxi booking, the taxi drivers are connectedwith passengers to get hassle-free bookings and allow passengers to pre-book orpost-book the ride in a matter of clicks anytime, anywhere. It improvesbusiness productivity with an increased number of bookings, zero idling, and improvedefficiency.

Tax Solution App

  • On-demand truck app

The trucking appbridges the gap in logistic space by eliminating the middlemen’s role to fillthe trucks of the load. The app optimizes thelogistic operations by allowing the trucking businesses to directly connectwith the customers who wanted to transfer the shipment. The improved visibilitykeeps the truck full of load, decreases the expenses, and improvesprofitability.

  • On-demand car rental app

The app has automatedand simplified On-demandcar rental services with the on-demandsolution. It connects the customers and rental car service providers directly andensures the optimal vehicle utilization with 100% customer satisfaction.Seamlessly manage the car rental business and allow your users to book the carwhenever they want and wherever they want. Itscost goes about to $12k.


  • On-demand health app

The connection,communication, and relationship between doctors and patients are no moreconfined to the hospital’s walls. On-demand mHealth model turning the tableupside down is connecting the patients with doctors on mobile and allowing themto share the health status, medical records, and prescription on mobile.PharmEasy and Doctor on demand are the popular on-demand health applicationsthat are enabling healthcare services anytime, anywhere. The health appdevelopment cost ranges between $10k and $15k.

  • On-demand home service app

Meeting user’sdemands for home service on mobile is gaining high traction, especially among Millennials.Be it home cleaning, appliance repairing, car servicing, or healthcareservices, everything is feasible from mobile. The home service app hasconnected service providers and service seekers that help home servicebusinesses get work constantly and deliver the best services to the users inthe reduced time. Buildingthe home service apps like- handy,Merry, and Slate costs around $10k-$15k.

  • On-demand gifts and flowers app

Forgetting the birthdays,anniversaries, or any special day is human nature. But, it’s not that easy toforget for your family, friend, or loved ones. That’s where sending gifts and flowersto them helps you bring you out of the situation. On-demand flower and giftdelivery apps are a great solution, which is prospering in the market with a goodnumber of orders and sales. If you want to cherish the same success that Uber Flowers, UrbanStems, and Giftagram are enjoying, then you have to keep yourpockets full around $12k.

  • On-demand fuel deliveryapp

Running out of thefuel in the midway or standing in long queues at the highway fuel stations isno less than a nightmare for the car owners looking to refill the car tanks. Thisis where fuel apps have transformed the tanks refilling concept with on-demandfuel. It saves a lot of time and dollars by allowing the users to get the fueldelivery anytime, anywhere, and at the lower prices. The fuel deliveryapp development that’s ending the stops at the fuel station eats up around $11k.

Beauty Salon App Development
On-demand salon app

  • On-demand salon app

Other than localpeople, no one knows about the exclusive services that your salon professionalsoffer. Breaking the shackles, the on-demand app has given a digital makeover tothe salon businesses where the users looking for the salon services in theclosed proximity would come to know about the salon and identify the matchingservices the salon offer or not. Revolutionizing the traditional practices of makingan appointment or physical visits over a call helps businesses increasecustomer outreach, increase bookings, and earn loyalty. Salon digitization withan on-demand model costs you around $8k.

Note: You might be puzzling how the estimated cost of different types of on-demand apps is enlisted. What’s the cost calculator working behind them? A lot more questions! Hold on! The development cost is estimated based on the features they include. Let’s see how it works.

On Demand App List

The list ofbasic features

  • User registration

The first feature from where the user’sonboarding journey starts, which allows the users to connect with the app easily.The design and development of this feature incur 40 hours.

  • List and filters

It allows the users to easily search forthe thing they are looking for in the app. This feature development andintegration involve a total of 80 hours.

  • Product description

It determines what the product or service is, through the product description, images, conditions, average rating, and customer reviews. This page development requires 60 hours to develop for both platforms- Android and iOS.


  • Map integration

It’s the minimum requirement in the both-users and service provider’s interface which allows the users to easily trackthe position. The Google map or Apple map integration requires 30-40 hours.

  • Favorites

This feature is designed for allowing theusers to save the products they like and want to purchase at the later stage. Thefeature is also famous as the wishlist needs around 20 hours to build.

  • Payment system

To let the users make the payment easily, quickly, and safely requires various payment gateway integration, which costs a pretty penny. The payment system that stays at the heart of the seamless checkout process incurs 50 hours.

  • In-app chat

It becomes difficult for service providers and users to connect without having contact information shared, which is not necessary all the time. The in-app chat allows both stakeholders to easily connect and communicate when required. It includes 40 hours to develop and design the feature.


  • Feedback

The services can’t be improved without thereviews of the real users, so the feedback system helps in knowing the servicesor product performance wearing the end-users’ lens. Developing the feedback system that includes rating, reviews, andcomments will require 25 hours to develop.

  • Push notification

Informing the users about new features,products, services, or offers is necessary to keep them interested in theapplication. Plus, in-app notifications are less often ignored, that’s why the must-have feature needs 70hours to develop.

These features remain a part of the user’sinterface and service provider’s interface, which can be enhanced or extendedbased on the client’s requirements. Admin panel for the management ofeverything is optional and provided when required by the businesses. However,the app development cost will vary accordingly.


At this point, you must be expecting a ballpark cost to build the on-demand app. Alas! No precise answers you will get because it all revolves around the type of on-demand app you want, the list of features you include, and the interfaces you want. We have described everything in detail and now, it’s your turn to make the decision what are your requirements exactly. It gives you a tentative cost estimate. Still, if you are unsure, connect with our business consultants to know more.

On Demand App Development
ballpark cost to build the on-demand app

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