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Discussion on: The Ultimate Guide to Local WordPress Development on a Mac

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Heather • Edited on

I think installing natively on Mac seems less troublesome because it's something we know. Docker offers lots of potential, but it's like: do I need to learn yet-another-thing? I think so many Docker-based solutions are coming up because once people figure out, they want to share it like evangelicals. That makes decision making a little tricky.


Here’s a video tutorial on how to set up a Docker-based PHP local development environment for macOS using this handy tool called DDEV. You have all the flexibility you'd have with Docker, but it "just works" out of the box, taking care of lots of things for you.

Bonus: The same tool, DDEV, works on Linux and Windows (with an installer) and you can use it with any PHP application. There are some helper tools for popular CMSs too.

Disclaimer: I work with these people and they are awesome <3