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Discussion on: Announcing TinaCMS

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Hey, Tina maintainer here.

Using Tina to build your site is an examples of low coupling and high cohesion.

Why is it low coupling? If you need to upgrade Gatsby you don't have to upgrade Tina, and vice versa; if you change your data storage, all your form definitions remain the same; etc.

Why high cohesion? Because everything you need to know about how your content is created, edited, and displayed is grouped together.

These qualities mean TinaCMS provides a substantially better experience for both the developer and the editor

As a developer your workflow is incredibly fast; it's easy to upgrade different parts of the stack independently; and you have way more control then with traditional CMSs.

Content editors get an interface that makes sense to them. In traditional CMSs, editors need to understand how this hug abstract set of form get turned into their website. With Tina, the link is immediately apparent.