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Fantastic post!! Very straight forward and to the point. I am so glad you mentioned about "Get to know the task", reviewers often don't do this and go into the code with zero context as to why the changes have been made. And I do push for task links to be in PR descriptions to emphasize this. I also really like the notes for the PR creator, it can be easy to forget that you also have a responsibility to the code review, as the creator.


Thank you for that comment! So glad you found the article helpful πŸ™Œ.
A good coding review definitely relies on both parties...
I'm curious, do you have a sort of PR description template for you and your team? πŸ€“


I don't neccassarily have one for the team, but I follow one that I found a while ago (it might even be from another dev.to post):

Summarize the change in less than 50 characters.


  • Explain the reasons you made this change
  • Make a new bullet point for each reason
  • Each line should be under 72 characters

Explain what was done in this commit with more depth than the 50 character subject line. Remember to at 72 characters

Include additional notes, relevant links, or co-authors/reviewers

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