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Mismatch or overwhelmed

nazstylez profile image Wellsolidd ・2 min read

I start as a developer with growth of spring and java Ee. I do some integration of system for the pass 4 years. However, I decided to leave my old firm and join a new company and due to my existing pay, they promote me as a senior.

As I always do integration, the system structure are already build. Easily manuvour and understand where to pick and changed.

However my new current workplace require a system migration where I have to move existing behaviour to a new system which some of the libraries and function is not available in the new system.

It already went 3 weeks I don’t know the basic of how to manuver to their system and they wanted me to handle 1 module by my own and lias with other team to mentioned what is handled by my team or others. Problem is I don’t understand how the system worked.

Of coz based on my experience with spring and hibernate. I don’t learn full course thus I only know some of the annotations used on my previous company.

What should I do?
Do I talk to my manager( person who hired me) that I have some difficulty with my current situation and would require additional help and I be proactively ask question. Sometime I don’t know what to ask. And meanwhile I take some refresh course

Should I mentioned that I feel like a junior developer and would like to drop my senior role to be a junior and accept a huge paycut.

I find out that this company review is good and there are a lot of opportunity of learning new stuff which was why I left my previous company which I don’t learn anything.

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kirancapoor94 profile image
Kiran Capoor

You need to raise the concern with your management. And also tell them that you can learn and do it, with some help from other devs.

It’s fine to ask for help. Nobody knows everything. 😁

nazstylez profile image
Wellsolidd Author

In this case, it’s normal to get this feeling? And with months ahead it should be stablise right?

kirancapoor94 profile image
Kiran Capoor

It’s normal. But you need to up your game. As this is a tricky situation and depends on how your manager reacts.

As it’s your responsibility to raise concerns before things go out of hand.