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Naweli Verma
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Revise and Read React.Js with me! (Intro)

Just give a shot to ReactJs, your reaction will be woahhh this is something cool and powerful 🔥

Now react some love to this ReactJs series 😉 ❤️

So let me tell you what I am planning to do 💁, I have been working on ReactJs from a long time and I think it is time to contribute some of my learnings to fellow devs so it will help both of us, you guys will learn and it will also help me to revise and re-understand. 👯

One thing I can assure if you are reading this, ReactJs is path for high paying jobs, whether you do freelancing or a working developer for any organization. So I hope you will give your best to be the best version of yourself.

Without much talking let's start this journey. 🚀

What is React? 🍄

  • React is an open-source JavaScript Library for building user-interface.

  • I repeat it is a Library not a Framework.

Libraries means which serves only one purpose, in case of reactjs, it's true purpose is to build optimized User Interface, on the other hand, Frameworks are package of everything, HTTP req, routing etc {Angular}
  • ReactJs is focused to do only one thing which is making awesome UIs, not holding functionality like routing, HTTP requests, forms handling etc. But...

  • It's rich ecosystem goes well with every library to build a Full-Fledged web applications.

  • It is Unopinionated, which gives you power to command and choose other tools.

Why learn React? 🍄

Well well my fellow developers, above point is defeinetly giving you some strong reasons to learn it, but for sake of it's great power I will tell you few more cool points of it. 😄 😄

  • It is created by Facebook and being used by Facebook, and lots of other big and small organizations and companies. It is new generation library. Companies are shifting there tech stack to it.

  • It has a very Biggggg Community. Literally Super Big! Not Kidding at all. 😎 💪

  • More than 100K stars on Github. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • It has Component Based Architecture, which means that it helps you to break down complex to complex UIs in small chunks to make your building a product journey a piece of cake.

  • It's Reusable, a beautiful thing. You create a component and you can use it again and again without writing the whole things again. It can be used through out the code even with different frameworks like Angular, just passing the right data to it.

Isn't it Amazing? 😍😍

  • It is Declarative. Assume a simple JS function, you need to call it or invoke it whenever you want to use it, but here in React the function component (exactly a simple JS function, just some syntactical sugar name) are also same but we don't do anything at all to call it or render it. ReactJs does it all.

                **Rendering is declarative** 

    You will understand this in future series of this.

Prerequisite 🍄

I want you to know basic of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, ES6 concepts.

If you are aware of the basics of above mentioned things we are good to go!!!!!!!!! 💃💃

That's from my side a intro of ReactJs 💗
See you in the next one.

You can connect with me on twitter 😃

Top comments (2)

talweltsch profile image
Tal Weltsch

Hi Naweli, love the post! I'm from Wix and we're working on a React product that I would love to get your feedback on, very relevant to what you wrote here. Let's talk! (you can DM me

naweli_verma profile image
Naweli Verma Author

Hey Tal, Thank you so much. I'm glad you liked it!
Defienetly I would love to know more about it too. Sure DM'ing you there.

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