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Hi, I have a bit of knowledge about wordpress setup and designing pages, I decided to be a wordpress freelancer my question is what are the necessary skills I want to learn for succeed in the field.


Hello Naveen,
If you have got yourself covered with the basics, then you can go ahead and start with WordPress Theme Customization.
What this means is that considering your client's need or whatever you want to build. You can start with any freely available Theme on WordPress Theme Directory. You can also buy a premium theme from any Theme Shop, just Google. Once you have the theme, start customizing it using any PageBuilder (e:g. Elementor) and make it fit to your need or your client's need.

This is how websites are rapidly developed these days. Here is a free tutorial you can follow.

But remember, if you are serious about WordPress development, then you should to go through the steps i've mentioned in my step-by-step guide, which is going to take time, of course.

I hope my input could help you get the answers you are looking for. Good Luck!

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