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Discussion on: Which programming language would you start with and why?

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Because it fits 3 main criteria.

Just please PLEASE don’t stop at JavaScript. Learn OOP, functional programming and for crying out loud learn why statically typed languages are valuable.

1) Low barrier to entry

In your browser of choice, right click ‘inspect’ and in the console tab type (or go to

console.log(“hello, world”)
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and boom! You just wrote and ran code in under 10 seconds. Most downloads take longer. No installs, no compilers, no SDKs, no environment variables etc.

2) Plethora of learning material

Not that popularity is everything but there’s more free learning material and code for JavaScript than any other language.

3) Useful for what you want to build

JavaScript runs in browsers, servers, desktops, robots, mobile apps etc.

Want to build a game without complex editors, tools or engines? HTML5 Canvas with JavaScript!

Want to build a mobile app? Ionic, react-native and native-script.

Want to build a desktop app? Electron!

Just don’t stop there :-)

Happy coding !

return 0;

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Bobby Iliev Author

This is brilliant! 🚀