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Discussion on: Full-Stack Developer Or Only One Framework?

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Full stack is doing both front-end, and backend development. They both take years to learn well individually. Pick one and stick with it. Then pick one language and framework. For backend there’s C# + .NET, Java + Spring Boot, Python + Flask , Ruby + Rails etc. For frontend, I’d pick React as that’s the major player right now. Vue may be easier for a junior developer.

These are the three things I’d do first.

  1. Decide if you want to be a front-end or back-end developer. Sounds like you want to do front end so focus on that.

  2. Master one language and one framework. For frontend master plain old JavaScript before touching a framework. Too many developers don’t even know JavaScript very well ie JavaScript already has support for components.

    For backend, master something like C# .NET, Java Spring Boot, Node Express or the like.

  3. Know your tooling.

    1. Learn an IDE or editor like Visual Studio, VS Code, IntelliJ etc
    2. Learn GIT version control and GitHub
    3. Learn to organize tasks and break them down, even if it’s just in Trello.
    4. Learn basic hosting to get yourself a portfolio site.

Learn by doing. Build several different projects. Pick a big project, break it down and work on it. Too many junior / aspiring developers think that a developer is measured on how much they know when in reality they’re measured by about how much they can do.