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HTML5, the most current version of HTML, introduced support for semantic elements; an example of which are represents bold and (emphasis) represents italics.

Not entirely accurate... and I think it's important when teaching junior developers to get the fundamentals clear. <strong> and <em> have been around since HTML 4.01.

In HTML 4.01, the tag defines strong emphasized text, but in HTML5 it defines important text.

The HTML5 semantic elements better refer to <header>, <nav>, etc.

Might be worth giving some examples of CSS resets as well :) I personally use a modified version of Meyer's reset: meyerweb.com/eric/tools/css/reset/ (my modified version: github.com/nataliedeweerd/blank_we... )


I’ll double check the facts and update. What you stated on the HTML versions sounds right. Not sure how I missed that.

I’ll consider the resets, although I haven’t had as much need for those recently. They should probably be there for completeness.

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