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With lower-level interviews, I assume they know nothing, or nearly nothing. I'm looking for passion and perseverance. Do you just give up straight away? Or do you chip away at a problem until you can solve it? You can teach someone how to code, but you can't teach them enthusiasm.

Honesty is also very important to me. If an interviewee tells me they don't know something, that adds credibility to everything they've said before as it takes guts to admit to something like that at a junior level.


Honesty is also very important to me

100% AGREE! I have no problems if they don't know, I do if they pretend to when they don't.


No matter what anyone's experience level whether junior, senior or anything more, this is absolutely spot-on @Natalie!

In most cases, strong fundamentals, enthusiasm & a genuine willingness to learn will take us miles ahead than the best bootcamps money can buy.

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