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About Double Diamond

Design thinking is about how to make our daily life better.
When I say: Discovery!
I'm teling you: ** Understand research standarts ** is important!
In fact, It helps to understand the problem.
Remember: In the begining of the project We never know anything
Choose the better keywords with good meaning to the project (one of many steps).
Expressions, phrases, and words. (all these things first)
But you still don't really know anything, right?
Definition is understand research development.
Ask the questions: What they need?
What we need?
Take every little insight relevant in the last step.
Which problem we're solving?
Develop: almost everything is possible! Yes!
Now, It's time to put your life experiences aside and think with still more empathy.
Solve problems have to be the most empathic experience of our lifes. You have to take off the pain of the problem,
Search a solution that "takes off the pain" in first place.
So..take the insights and get down to business!
Delivery your product!
And don't forget... The most important It's not what you delivery by itself, but how and many social impact you're creating. :)
Thanks for reading!

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