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booooks... for feed your head ;)


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dear readers, for not be mentioned like who never posting more here...
while i don't post more dev tips...
i decided post 3 special books for you devs or unicorns or newbie designers. image

so let's get lost 3 seconds :
1.Mapping Experiences: this book of 'o'reilly', introduce you in UX tools and explains the kind it, and your applicability.

2.This is Service Design Doing: this book is about, design service, and the best way to pactice it.

3.User-Centered Design: Amazing book for devs and designers and other stakeholders. its give you one other outlook, about the important question which is this UCD, and how this makes impact of the social question and design.

3 little pills about this 3 books, more curiosity?
Read them !!!

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