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Discussion on: What are your thoughts on the whole 10x engineer viral discussion?

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Nasrin Shirali • Edited

It made me sad. I Google everything and always have the documentation open in front of me. Before starting to code I draw a UML and then at each step write down what I think and sometimes draw funny things. Some of 10X engineers’ characteristics in one of the tweets scare me. It somehow makes me feel insecure about my habits knowing there are people who might think I'm bad at what I do because I have pinned documentation pages or pause constantly to think. Also the best programmer I've ever seen was my mentor who was a great mentor. You don't know it well, if you can't articulate it.

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Fernando B πŸš€

There's absolutely nothing wrong with using Google, and reading documentation. I do it all the time, I think most people do it otherwise SO would be a lonely place.