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There's another post around here somewhere asking the same question. The consensus is that live chat is faster. Of course, there's the argument for persistence and topics that forums bring, but I for one would rather have a faster response for a simple question.

I suppose it depends on several factors as to which platform the question-asker decides to post. For in-depth questions I would post to a forum.


Honestly, I think forums are making a comeback. Options like Slack are only getting more expensive.

I was just reading a blog post about making your own small social network and it's really resonating with me. You get better (and searchable) interactions with your community.

Is there a good self-hosted forum software package out there?


Yeah, I would use Discourse. Setup is gnarly though if you're not familiar with Docker.

Good thing I just wrote a post about automating Docker scripts with Bash. 😎


You're on it. is open source. Also Mastodon

Mastodon makes searching hard. I didn't realize was open source though!

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