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How to fix Office sign-in error

Support engineer, specializing in Office 365/SCCM/Azure Identity.
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When you sign in Office and you keep getting an error after "Use this account everywhere on your device" dialog, it means your office sign-in account may be corrupt.
use this account everywhere

something went wrong

Some Common factor that causes Office sign-in error

Office build 16.0.7967 or later on Windows 10 employs Windows 10's account management capability, Web Account Manager (WAM). This new account integration may cause various types of Office sign-in errors.

Steps to fix Office sign-in error

First, I would like you to follow this Microsoft article.

Connection issues in sign-in after update to Office 2016 build 16.0.7967 on Windows 10

If the article does not resolve the issue, follow these steps.


1.Open Office and sign out all accounts of Office.

Sign out of Office

2.Go to "Windows Setting" - "Accounts" - "Access work or school". If you see any accounts here, disconnect all.


3.Go to "Windows Setting" - "Accounts" - "Email & accounts". If you see any accounts here, click "Manage" - "Delete account from this device".

4.Open Office and see if you can sign in.

If you still see a sign-in error.

Follow these steps:
1.Delete all files from the Accounts folder at the following:


2.Restart OS.

3.Open Office and see if you can sign in.

Hope this article helps you out!

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