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A Contacts App on Kubernetes

Namit Doshi
Exploring new things in my journey as a Software Developer
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How I found out about Kubernetes?

During my last internship, I was assigned a pilot project, that was a contacts app. I completed building my contacts app, then they wanted me to Dockerize the application.

That was the first time I heard about containerization and Docker. After facing some difficulties I was able to Dockerize the application.

A new challenge awaits.

Just after I finished with Docker, a new task was waiting for me, even more challenging and exciting for me. I was said to learn about Kubernetes and deploy the dockerize app on Kubernetes deployment.

What the hell is that? Is that even possible for me? (These were my thoughts when I heard about the task.)

I started learning and doing things by hit and trial xD, that's how I got introduced to Kubernetes.

About the project

The project comprised of mainly three stages (leaving out error handling and debugging). The first step was to build the contacts application, second step was to Dockerize the application and the last but the mightiest step was to deploy the application on a Kuberentes Cluster.


Live Project Link
Github Link
Docker Image Link

The festivities that followed

During my internship, I was introduced to a lot of new technologies. This made me even more curious and I researched further into the topic. As a result of which I ran into CI/CD (Continuous Integration/ Continuous Deployment) and tools like Jenkins and CircleCI, furthermore I completed a Nanodegree of Cloud DevOps Engineer.

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