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Discussion on: Kyle Simpson proved I STILL don't know JavaScript (arrays)

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nathan amick • Edited

Wow, great write up. Made me actually laugh out loud.

If I didn't already love JavaScript, I would steer clear. It sounds like a language somebody conceived of and implemented in like ten days with no forethought or planning.

Reminds me how relevant Douglas Crockford's "JavaScript, The Good Parts" still is.

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Paceaux Author

Thank you!

I think JavaScript is brilliantly well done. Regardless of the whole, "10 days and no forethought", I think Brendan Eich did a lot right.

I think he understood way better than many other programmers how important it is in the browser to have a fault tolerant language that does as much as possible to prevent the UI from crashing on a user.

I think most of the "quirks" or "weirdnesses" in JavaScript can be explained as being quite intentional because Eich was trying to make a language that wouldn't punish the end user for the developer's mistakes.

Except Date.

and NaN !== NaN.

Those I think he screwed up on.

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nathan amick

Ha, indeed. I think you're right.