How to deal with impostor syndrome?

Nallely on October 08, 2019

Lately, as I have been trying to assess my skills and experience I notice my impostor syndrome begin to slowly take over. I begin to feel as though... [Read Full]
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For me, writing here on Dev! The process of sitting down and organising my thoughts on a topic, or creating a short tutorial helps underline for me what I've been learning and how far I've come 🙂 And if it ends up helping someone else along the way - even better!


Humans are irrational beings: you're always going to have irrational perceptions. The best you can hope for is to train yourself to say, "wait a minute: am I being objective, here," and then act accordingly ...But you're unlikely to ever not have those nagging moments of panic.


I celebrate every victory no matter how small they seem. Also find ways to remember what i'm capable of doing, like creating silly stuff and put them on codepen or stackblitz. Until this day I still think the coolest things i've done are a TodoMVC app and a tiny utility that shows desktop notifications (i still use this one).

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