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Creation of a tool to calculate data from a PDF

Hello to all!

I need to create a tool to calculate the steering angles of a given car from a path drawn on a plan.
Concretely, the tool will allow to import a plan in PDF format directly on a web page and to draw a path on top of it. Once the path is drawn and thanks to the dimensions of the car entered previously (length, width, wheelbase, ...), the tool should be able to deduce the steering angle.
Algorithmically speaking, I have the formulas allowing from the different data to calculate the steering angle, but I do not know if such an integration is possible in react or with any other language. If you have some tracks or a step to follow to realize this kind of web plugin knowing that I am rather comfortable in web development (js, react, angular, php) as well as in software development (C, C++, Java) and that documentations do not scare me ;).
I put you captures of a software allowing the same functionalities but in much more complex.

Choice of car dimensions: Alt Text

PDF: Alt Text

PDF with Path : Alt Text

Thanks for answer.

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