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re: Hi Heddi, I was very pleased to find your articles around OpenBSD. I have been a fan since 2001 (I saw the birth of PF), using it for most of my pe...

Hello, Roberto.
Thank you for your comments.

I'm sorrry I don't use URL aliases. Therefore, yours is the first to me.
Then I tried to test to create a Drupal alias: /test/3 (virtual path) -> / (real path). And I ran 2 cases:

  1. my.domain/test/3 -> my.domain/
    • Result: Failed
  2. my.domain/?q=test/3 -> my.domain/
    • Result: Success

So, how about using ?q=... query params?
Alternatively, If you want to configure it via httpd.conf, "request rewrite" might be available. I have met a similar issue in configuring Directus.

Besides, I'm happy to get such a chance to know better about Drupal, because I haven't used it well enough 😊

Well, I'm also pleased to get a message from OBSD earlier-users like you. Thank you, again.

I saw the birth of PF

That's great !
I'm making efforts to get familiar with PF and relayd... πŸ˜…

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