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ModCore Update Log: "finally, updates"!

Hello ModCore users! As of today, a new version of ModCore has been deployed. I know it has been a while since I last updated the bot, but I truly do hope everyone enjoys these new updates.


Update ModCore to properly use database Migrations

This is more of a technical change, but it does make developing ModCore infinitely easier.

Remove globalban, globalwarn

These features gave too much power to random server owners, allowing them to essentially blacklist other users "globally". Therefore this has been removed.

Mute commands use new Timeout features

Mute commands now no longer use mute roles. From now on, the mute commands use the new built-in timeout feature to more accurately shush bad actors.

Reminders now look a bit more fancier

Reminder messages have been given a bit of a facelift, now with additional information.

Change the command root for the info command.

Calling the info command without any arguments or parameters now displays a short listing of subcommands that are available.

Fix levelup and add a leaderboard

The leveling / experience system has been given a bit of a facelift, and has been optimized internally. Now users can get experience as soon as 5 minutes pass, instead of 30. With this, it is now possible to display a level leaderboard.

Added yoink and yeet commands

The yoink and yeet commands allow you to quickly copy an emoji from another server or user, and delete them all in chat.

Updated and improved the tag system

Tags are from now on server-wide by default. To override a tag for a specific channel, you can now use tag override [name] [content]. The tag listing now also displays whether a tag is global or local.

Add a new status message to ModCore

ModCore now tells you how many servers it is watching over on your current shard!

Purge commands have been updated

The purge commands now display how many messages were deleted, and it will also notify you that messages that are at least 14 days can not be purges.

Starboard leaderboards

Starboards now have leaderboards! To check them out, use star leaderboard.

What now?

Of course, I am not yet done with the changes I am making to ModCore. Here's a short peek at what I have planned:

  • Message highlighting (notify when specific words are used in-chat)
  • Ticket system (handle support tickets via ModCore)
  • Updated link filter
  • Ban appeal system

Thank you!

Thank you so much for using ModCore. If you have any suggestions, questions, whatever, feel free to post them in the ModCore Support Discord, or open a GitHub issue!

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