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re: If it wasn't clear to others, here is the official page for the Flow browser. Just going to drop the EME repository link here as I did not know wh...

Point taken, I also assumed too much audience terminology familiarity. A mistake that's way too easy all around.

EME concerns me because I miss the hacker ethos and find the *YPM (* you, pay me) ethos that has displaced it to be, while laudably pro-labor, ridiculously mercenary. To say it has resulted in the proliferation of comically brazen acts of value subtraction (i.e. monetization) would be an understatement.

Clean room I guess is still a mystery to both of us. It's a term I associate with hardware, so perhaps it's a statement. The web standards have become so complex a document that implementing it is the logistical and even technological equivalent of a fab lab. Give it a few years to acquire more cruft and I suppose it will be out of reach of all but state-level actors. Standards complexity creep is one of the many ways the web has been taken out of the hands of noncommercial users. Much as the web per se replaced Gopher with something much more sophisticated, perhaps what's needed now is something to similarly replace the web with something much (technically, but also of course end-user) simpler, with by-laws in place to hopefully keep it that way permanently.

Yes, my idea of cool kids' hardware is late-model, but even moreso high-graphic. It's no coincidence that graphics cards and sound cards are the hardest peripherals to configure in an open source operating system. Those two peripherals are the interface between the world of computing and the world of showbiz (i.e. DRM). I assume it would be uncontroversial to state all two of the manufacturers of video cards actively thwart the development of open-source drivers.

My take on Eich's current quest is that it's one of reinventing monetization rather than reinventing the browser. I'm mostly unimpressed, in large part because he seems to be trying to package deal it with cryptocurrency adoption. It seems that with Eich there's always some kind of political statement. He does seem genuinely interested in reducing the sensory overload in web advertising; perhaps that is his penance for foisting Javascript on web users. I'm old enough to remember when Javascript scripts could and would resize your browser window to many times your screen size for no reason other than to annoy the * out of you (and of course monetize websites).

Yeah, I remember when you could resize the windows to nothing as well. I think the lowest you can go these days is 100px x 100px. As well, good old ActiveX z-index issues, IE conditional comments, IE behaviours (the original web component?), MSXMLHTTP, XUL etc.

Good times. 😉 You'd probably enjoy this tweet thread.

Long live <framesets /> and <marquee />! 😆

Yeah, for Brave, I'm not really interested in the crypto/better adds/monetization part, but I do enjoy the better security aspect of it though. Who knows where it will go. Edge is doing similar things now that they are Chromium, but I do not see them pushing monetization apart from getting some credits if you use the Bing search engine.

My guess for Edge is that migrating to Chromium will hopefully kill all the splintering of IE/older Edge. They even apparently guarantee to help you if your site worked in IE11 and has issues with the newest edge.

I can only imagine how difficult it is to build a browser from the ground up. Kudos to anyone that can.

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