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Discussion on: Crypto Mining is Killing All Free CI/CD Platforms

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Chris Boik

This is insane.

I won't deny it was a genius discovery and clever tactic but horribly detrimental to those of us who rely on these free and excellent services daily for genuine use cases.

I like the free minutes approach rather than paywall or credits.

However I wouldn't mind GitHub requiring credit or debit card information to prevent abuse. Similar to how Firebase prevents abuse by requiring your card details. It works.

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Davide 'CoderDave' Benvegnù Author

I agree with you. It’s a real problem, I hope as I’ve mention that they will find a solution that doesn’t require limiting others (aka us) for something abusers do, but rather changing the approach of the whole system

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Gerard Klijs

Not everyone has easy access to a credit card. Nothing Genius about it.

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Antony Jr

What about privacy issues?? I don't want to give my card info to Microsoft or any company for that matter.

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