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Coding is hard. Not in that learning syntax is hard, but in that, it is a continual process of learning. If I started over and I had taken the same learning path as you and the same amount of time spent, we would both be in the same place.

I think one key aspect of learning programming is having a project that you look forward to making progress on. I believe that's what gave me the focus and drive to really learn to program. Otherwise, I would have to sit down and read articles on various programming topics which would be really boring.

Eventually, over time, you will build your fundamental programming foundation which will hold up every other concept you will need to learn. In my first job, I knew nothing about databases, services, frameworks, or the front end: I only knew my core programming language well.

As far as learning how to apply JavaScript? Build some simple things like calculators, to-do lists, and others like them. I've also been a fan of scraping web pages for useful information. One time, I built a video link scraper for Bing. One could do the same for scraping links/descriptions from google:

With a quick adjustment to that query string and a little research into how to fire an HTTP request to get the information, you could build your own programming trends feed.

But I do believe working on things you find useful and that brings forth that energy and enthusiasm in you are what will keep you wanting to learn to program. And one day, with time, everything will just click and the world of programming will seem less scary.

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Opeyemi Stephen Author

Thank you, Mike. I love your take on building the fundamental programming foundation. There shouldn't be any rush...I will put that into consideration.