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Discussion on: Manage Your Dotfiles Like a Superhero

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Jeremiah Hundley

Oh this is great.... I have already put most of my dotfiles in a .dotfiles folder using the same structure, but by hand, invoking the symlink command:

ln -s .dotfiles/package/ ~/

I am in the middle of doing this right now, lol. My question is if I install stow, will it mess up my directory?

Second, if I use snow, and say, import my .dotfiles from my MacBook Pro 16 to my MacBook Pro 15 -> running Lenox, will my Lenox machine recognize them and can it use them?

Also, I tested everything to make universal commands on the Mac to make the symlink in my home directory invisible even when show hidden files are on.

I was also considering doing the same things to manage my paths and executables. Not for back up, only to have them all in one simple place. Like Crontab

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Jake Wiesler Author

Hey Jeremiah,

Stow is pretty sophisticated. It shouldn't mess up your directory.

To answer your second question, you should git clone your .dotfiles directory onto the other machine, install stow and then run stow for each subdirectory within .dotfiles to ensure your configs get placed into the right part of your machine.

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Mandar Vaze • Edited on

About your second question, I'm not sure what Lenox mean. I'm assuming you mean linux.
If that is the case, I've been there.
The problem I faced is that some of my dotfiles had absolute path to the home directory which on macOS is like /Users/mandar - This results into path not found errors on linux where home directory is /home/mandar
One precaution you may take is to use $HOME rather than actual path.