re: Dev's, how do you convince yourself into working for something that you know is clearly unethical? VIEW POST


I've built tools that can be used for unethical purposes. I justify it by saying I'm just the tool maker, how people use it is not my issue. It could be used for good, or it might not.

That level of separation, combined with more basic needs like food or money, can easily get people to get on board.

It's like that ethical dilemma problem where if you could press a button and someone you've never met will die, how much money would it take to get you to press it?


True that. But Don't you think there's a fair amount of difference between "could be used" vs "is only being used" for unethical purposes?


The same principle applies: I'm just the tool maker, how you choose to use it is your problem.

I wouldn't accept such a job, but I'm not desperate for the compensation.

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