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What do you wish you were better at?


What are you learning right now?

I'd like to learn everything there is, but now I have time ...

Share your team-building stories

I work in a rather small company, only about 25 people. The...

What part of your first dev job were you least prepared for?

Abundance of business logic in the code. I thought the prog...

How old have you been when you started programming and what was your first project?

I built my first website in the 5th grade. I don't remember...

The Introvert's Guide to Office Networking

I can relate so much, draining is the word.

4 Full Examples of Monte Carlo Simulation

Thank you for the articles, they are very informative, yet ...

Do you have a morning routine?

Same here.

I made a dyslexic app with over 50,000 users

What a great job!

Checklist - Animation showoff

Super cool. Not annoying at all.

Organizing the mess in your head

Your story is very inspiring. Thank you for the article.

Accessibility For Beginners with HTML and CSS

Thank you, Alex! I'll edit the post with this information.

Accessibility For Beginners with HTML and CSS

Thank you for your comment Tomasz, I'll learn more about th...

Accessibility For Beginners with HTML and CSS

Thank you for your comment Eric, I'm a beginner myself with...

Aprendi JavaScript com esses cursos e livros

Eu gostaria de adicionar e, ma...

Write Software that Evolves

What a good article! I love the concept of MVP, I use it a ...

JS Algorithms Repo is Over 30K Stars Now

What an awesome project!

Wannabe a certified Rockstar developer?

Wow, what a style, it'll be fun looking into it. And it wou...

Welcome Thread - v13

Welcome aboard! :)

Dijkstra's algorithm in python: algorithms for beginners

Yep! I will write about it soon. Thanks for reading :)

If you could not code anymore, what would you do?

I'm glad :)

Try ending today with a failing test for a great start tomorrow

What a great idea!

Stop saying you dont have time!

I really liked the second video. Thank you for the great po...

Tech Career Advice from 30 Interviews

Thank you so much for this great interview series, it's ver...

If you could not code anymore, what would you do?

I would cry, honestly. Then I'd become a yoga instructor, s...

Changelog: Mentor Matchmaking!

Submitted to find a mentor. I'm a coder already, but there'...

What's your ideal way of learning? πŸ€”

This applies only to learning. I really like it: Having a ...

Updating a dict in python

Thanks Rhymes!

Python: update a dict by object

Hi. In general case, your solution is better and cleaner th...

Write a function that outputs a pleasant text color hex given a background color hex

I implemented this in python: import argparse from color...

Welcome Thread - v10

Hi! My name is Maria. I was looking for a blogging platfo...

Nevertheless, Akanksha Sharma Coded

Your story is really inspiring!